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Teorias em “Fringe”

Ao longo destas três temporadas, “Fringe” revelou-nos diversas teorias sobre o espaço-tempo. Aqui ficam alguns apontamentos sobre as mesmas.

M Theory: Infinite realities exist and so at any point, in any one, can the reality be the same or different from any other by comparison, in any time, as then any time can be ‘unique’ as all possible futures and pasts branch off.

Um diálogo entre Peter e Walter, no episódio 1×19, The Road Not Taken.

WALTER: Typical protracted deja vu. Prolonged. You’re familiar with the — the pliability of space-time, yes?
PETER: Of course. Who isn’t?
WALTER: One minute will explain. (rolls out a chalkboard) Most of us experience life as a – a linear progression just like this. (draws a horizontal line) But this is an illusion because every day, life presents us with an array of choices. As a result, life should look more like this. (draws diagonal branches from the first line) And each choice… leads to a new path. To go to work. To stay home. And each choice we take creates a new reality. Do — do you understand?

Uma fala de September, um Observer, em 3×10, Firefly.

OBSERVER: There are things that I know. But there are things that I do not. Various possible futures are happening simultaneously. I can tell you all of them, but I cannot tell you which one of them will come to pass. Because every action causes ripples, consequences both obvious and… unforeseen. For instance… after I pulled you and Peter from the icy lake, later that summer, Peter caught a firefly. I could not have known he would do that or that because he did a young girl three miles away would not. And so later that night, she would continue looking, trying to find another one. I could not have known that when she did not come home, her father would go out looking for her, driving in the rain, so that when the traffic light turned red, his truck skidded through the intersection at Harvard Yard, killing a pedestrian.

Fonte: SpoilerTV


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2 thoughts on “Teorias em “Fringe”

  1. Fringe é uma ótima séria! Sou super fã!

    Posted by João Victor Pedrosa | November 21, 2011, 12:10 PM

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